Labor Cross Charge

Labor Cross Charge Form


The Labor Postings grid on the Labor Cross Charge form displays Labor Cross Charge transaction files that are created by transaction postings in the Period time frame that you enter on this form. It does not display postings removed with the Undo Posting Utility.  Note:  This needs to be ran each month, NOT for prior months in the same period if you want accurate MTD (month to date) income statements.

STEP 1:  Timesheet Posting

Post Timesheet Files

When all of your employees’ timesheets for a selected labor period have been submitted and approved, you are then ready to post the timesheets to your Vision database.

Before you post timesheets for a selected labor period:

  • The data on all submitted and approved timesheets must be accurate.
  • Close the labor period to prevent users from making any changes to their timesheets.

When timesheets are posted, Vision:

  • Debits the direct or indirect labor account set up for the employee type. (For example, in the Standard Chart of Accounts for a regular employee, Vision debits the accounts below for – Direct Labor – Employees or those below for – Indirect Labor – Employees.)
  • Credits the Accrued Wages account set up in your Chart of Accounts. (For example, in the your Chart of Accounts, Vision credits account 0070.300 – Job Cost Variance.)
  • If applicable, updates the time taken for benefit accrual plans (for example, vacation, sick, and personal time).
  • Recognizes multiple cost rates and effective dates.

STEP 2:  Adjusted Salary Job Cost (if using)

Adjusted Salary Job Cost

  1.  Click Run, this process takes the amount in the custom field “Weekly Salary” on the Accounting Tab in the info center does the calculation and updates the Job Cost on the same tab.  This ONLY updates those employees with a Job Cost Type of “Salary”.   See screen print below: 

STEP 3:  Labor Cross Charge

Labor Cross Charge Toolbar

Click a toolbar option on the Labor Cross Charge form to perform a Labor Cross Charge task.

The following table describes each toolbar option:

  1.  Highlight & Select ALL files, be sure to check the middle box that says “Show labor adjustments and transfers”.
  2. Click Run, this will take just a few seconds if done weekly.
  3. This process will create two files that require you to post them.  A Journal entry & a Labor Adjustment.  Both Files will be named as you see above and start with XCharge followed by the date you process.
  4. If for any reason you need to un-post any timesheet record after you have ran this utility.  You will need also un-post both files above.  Then repeat steps 1-3.

STEP 4:  Transaction Posting

Labor Adjustment & Journal Entry Posting

  1.  Select both files as shown below and click Post.

  1. Run any General Ledger, Project, and Accounting (Labor Cross Charge) Reports as desired.

Income Statements

Labor Cross Charge Reports

Project Reports by Department

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