Project Plan – Step by Step

With everything fully integrated and the correct security and access in place, Project Managers can easily and accurately create new Project Plans.

Note:  A Template is created per the firms specifications.  You may have multiple templates as needed for your different project types.

Step 1:  From the Dashboard click
on the last plan “COPY PLAN TEMPLATE”.

This will open your template from which
you will copy to create your new plan.

Step 2:  Once you see the template, proceed to Step 3.

Step 3:   Click on “New” on the top bar, and then click on “Copy Current Plan”

Step 4:  The dialogue box below will open.   Leave the Plan Name Field (box 1) as is.

Step 5:  Click OK

Step 6:   When Plan opens, complete the required fields (shaded).  You must have a Project Manager and Initial  Contact.  If the client is not new please
select that as well.  You can search or simply type in part of a name and pick.

Step 7:  Set or Adjust dates as necessary for the estimated start and end dates of the project.

Step 8:  The next tab has Rates, project will default to the current year standard rates.  If this is not correct, please search and/or ask Accounting for assistance as to what  to assign here.

Step 10:  For any Billing Group not needed, simply  click on that row and click Delete at the top.

Step 11:  If a new Billing Group is  required, Click “New Row” and then type in
Billing Group Number and Billing Group Name you want.

Step 12:   You can select multiple employees at once when inserting.  Using your shift key, you can select any that  are in a group.  Or you can hold down
your Control key and select them at random.

Step 13:   Insert Hours for each employee/resource as needed.  Click SAVE.

Note:  Billing Setup Requirements can be incorporated within the plan and either  created when the Plan is first created or later prior to the first invoice.


Step 1:  E-mail Accounting to request a new project setup.  Be sure to tell them to create your project from your Plan Number (Best to Copy & Paste to make sure they copy from the right plan.)

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